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Post  Admin on Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:22 pm

Welcome to the first round of the SGDE Tournament!

Round one will be from December 1st - January 1st. (Please remember that it's two losses before anybody is out of the tournament. This means everybody is going on to the 2nd round.)

Every round will consist of groups of 3 players facing off in one game. This game will take place on the map specified for the round. The map for the first round is Golden Bridge. Every game in this tournament is to 17 points as I figure with one game each round, 17 points should give players the best odds to catch anybody with a lucky start.

As this is a user map, at least one member of each group will need to copy Golden Bridge into their maps. ElKitchTasso has made a guide for anybody unfamiliar with the process. I doubt anybody will actually go so far as to modify the map in an attempt to give themselves an advantage, but you should probably verify the map before joining your game. If a player is caught playing an official game with an altered tournament map, they will be disqualified for cheating.

Since this tournament is already going to be going on for a while without delays, I'd like to keep from having any. To this end, I'm going to consider a player out if they fail to post dates they're available within the first 2 weeks of each round. As each round is a month, this should leave groups plenty of time to play their game or switch in the replacement.

Please remember to vote for the opponent you wish to. Your votes are used to determine who I ask first when I need a replacement. I'd probably either vote for the player I think played the best game or the player with the best table talk, but I don't really care what method you use to decide who gets your vote.


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